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Stabilizers based in Pearland, Texas

We have more than 35 years of experience in the oilfield business.


Improve drilling time and well quality with stabilizers. Designed to stabilize the drill string. Our stabilizers are hard-faced with tungston carbide. It is a well recocnized fact that the savings in drilling costs are considerable, especially when the extremely low cost per foot of drilled hole for proper stabilization is considered.

Better control of hole direction and angle, and the reduction of problems with dog-legs, key-seat, differential-pressure sticking, and true hole diameter provide immeausurable savings not only in the cost of drilling, but throughout the producing life of the well.

Increased penetration and bit life are added advantages, particularly with diamond bits. Proper stabilization creates a stiffer drilling assembly, seating the bit against the bottom of the hole, and assuring concentric rotation of the bit face with the axis of the drill pipe.


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Center Drill Inc. manufactures its stabilizers from 4145 heat—treated materials. Our company has a full range of integral blade stabilizers (4-3/4"-17 1/2") nonmag integral blade stabilizers (5 1/4" - 9 7/8")and welded blade stabilizers (3–1/2" – 26") in stock. In fact, CDI mills its own spiral integral blade stabilizers.

Bladed Hole Openers
For soft-to-medium formation hole enlargement, try our bladed hole openers with carbide jets.

Rotary Subs
We offer a large inventory of X-Over subs, Float subs and bit subs.

Oil - Blade Stabilizers based in Pearland, Texas   


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